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Department of Mass Communication, Federal Polytechnic Oko - Anambra State, Nigeria

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Welcome to Department of Mass Communication,

Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State




Mass communication was one of the courses established at the inception of Federal Polytechnic Oko in 1981 and has since then grown very rapidly. The department was established to teach courses leading to the award of the OND and HND in Mass Communication and took off with few pioneer students. The department is located at Oko campus of the institution. Many of the graduates are doing well in the industry while some excel in civil service and in armed forces

Mass communication discipline is unique in some respects. Its uniqueness naturally defines its role and explains its increasing relevance in several other disciplines and modern practices. It is convenient to argue that this is so because mass communication provides a focus for convergence of technologies.

Mass communication has continued to experience much changes occasioned by advances in information and communication technology in the areas of copy writing, reporting, editing, page making, filming and indeed the entire production process.  The industry has seen changes in broadcast, advert and public relations. The industry has witnessed a revolution. Thanks to technological advances, this revolution is continuing! And if you say so, this revolution has no full cycle in sight.

New technologies are redefining the way we produce, disseminate, and consume information. This understanding of changing media platform among scholars has led to the concept of mainstream mass media (e.g. radio, TV, newspapers and magazines) to refer to the traditional media that met the organised characteristics for mass media. Today, however, the rules of the game are changing and what constitutes mass communication is no longer clear cut, or simple. In our department, we understand all these and continue to adjust to these changes in professional training, teaching delivery, course enrichment and resource materials.

The activities of alternative press on the Internet, not withstanding, we ensure our students imbibe all these aspects of the changing media landscape. We are aware of global public square meaning world capacity to share ideas communally and faster. We are also conversant with virtual citizenship –capacity of digitally compliant fellows to enjoy worldwide interaction and neighbourhood. Any mass communication specialist operating without basic knowledge of the new media is doing so at a great disadvantage. We are conscious of all these in the making of our graduates. Thus students are equipped and encouraged to function, research and engage in collaborative projects in wide professional contexts.

As a field of study, we understand the importance of creating opportunities for teeming Nigerians who dream and want to take a shot at the glamorous mass communication industry. Admission into our prestigious department is competitive and many students want to enrol in the limited space. To achieve this dream of becoming a professional in Nigeria, a typical mass media specialist must be a degree holder/HND in this field. As a profession, we are guided by clear values, beliefs and practices- hallmarks of professionalism.  Consequently, we ensure our students receive requisite professional training.

Polytechnic education places emphases on practice-based learning and skills acquisition. To achieve, this goal, the department is applying the minimum standards prescribed by the regulatory body, National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). Skills and professional components are adequate for the level of programme. The mode of teaching is effective and includes lecture/recitation, practical class/projects and written examinations.  Job requirements are changing in line with technological/ digital revolution and new media. The department does best to make use of the technology and mainstream the students to evolving dimensions in the study of mass communication.

The department is operating a licensed campus radio station, Moment 98.7 FM. Our students have taken advantage of ample opportunities provided by  the institution and department to lend their special voices to the community. Some have excelled in content creation and have produced wonderful programmes.  Out there in the industry, our graduates are making their marks and are part of media cynosure in Nigeria. Some are with International media such as the BBC.  In fact we have some  with Channels TV., Vangyard, Authority Newspaper, NTA and Radio Nigeria.  This is good! The departmental newspaper (The Dawn Newspaper) has been appearing in hard copy, but we also blog at Our journal runs at

The department has been variously led by the following: Mr. G.O. Ibe, Rev. Fr. J.E.N. Uchem, Mr. Bally Okwonna, Prof. Innocent Okoye, Dr. Gab Ezeukwu, Mr. F.U. Nwanze, Mr. Ikem Nwosu, Mr.O.G. Emenari, Dr. W.O. Anunike, Mrs. Anthonia Udeoba and Dr. Christian C. Mezieobi. All have contributed immensely to the development of the department. The department has a good number of PhDs and others have Masters under their belts. The current Head of Department is Dr. Onyeka Uwakwe. Dr. Uwakwe who is also the Dean School of Information Technology is a graduate of University of Nigeria and University of Port Harcourt.


Compiled by Onyeka Uwakwe, Ph.D. cimim,fhrd, arpa, JP