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ASUP President tasks members on strike

By Onyeka Uwakwe, Oko on Sunday Feb 10, 2019.. Edited and Updated on Sunday Feb 10, 2019 11:32 am. 1221 Views
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PHOTO: ASUP President, Usman Dutse

ASUP President tasks members on strike

Onyeka Uwakwe - Oko - Sunday Feb 10, 2019.

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President Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, Comrade Usman Dutse has commended polytechnic academic staff for all support during the phases of the current ASUP strike.

Comrade Dutse also berated some some for flouting union constitution on the current strike. He stated that the leadership of ASUP remains focused on the engagement with government.

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My dear ASUP members, 

I salute you all and extend my sincere appreciation for your goodwill, support and prayers through the years. 

I also want to commend you for your resilience, steadfast commitment and  courage during all phases of our struggle. I want to assure you that all your observations, comments and suggestions on our drive and ASUP media presence are noted and are taken into consideration. 

On publicity, I have noted with understanding the widespread feeling of members on this platform that we should have done more. However, you must note that all necessary information pertaining our struggle is with your various chapter chairmen, who as members of NEC are part and parcel of our thrust. I also believe that our presence in the media is improving and we pledge to do more in letting members and Nigerians know about our struggle. Let us not forget that even in the media there is dichotomy working against the sub-sector. Therefore, it is the duty of all members of our union to create or utilize all opportunities to promote the objectives and ideals of the union by widening and sustaining the position and activities of ASUP in the media. 

Our experiences in the leadership of our union over the years have made us ponder the real commitment of some of our members to the ideals and objectives of ASUP. This is because of the consistent negative disposition of these members and some chapters who  tend to undermine or sabotage our struggles domestically and nationally. 

It has been noted that within the first month of the current engagement, about 14 to 17 Polytechnics completely compromised the strike. The number of offending chapters have grown thereafter. I don't need to remind you of our experience of the long-drawn out strike of 2013/14 which ended with only four chapters holding forte. The Union and the leadership still recoil from the discouragement of that experience. This trend keeps on reccurring owing to betrayal by some of our members who connive with Councils/managements to sabotage and undermine the strength of the union. The irony of it is that some of these offenders are former officers of the union who, for selfish persuasions, choose to undermine the Union they once led for.  

Furthermore, I will like to mention that lack of adherence and compliance to the Union's Constitution is another issue of concern. While the leadership  may not lay claims to perfection, I take pains to note that the spectre of member indiscipline and flagrant disregard of our canons significantly undermine our aggregate strength and resolve.

Let me assure you that our Struggle continues , and our sworn obligation as the leadership is never to give up the fight. We will never stop pushing and will accelerate every effort  and keep the flame burning. The task is enormous and requires the undimmed commitment and collaboration of all members. The spirit of trade unionism is the art of the possible,  and we can win our future together as we share the same dream.

 Therefore, as committed Members of ASUP it should be in our minds that each of us has a greater role to play in building the union because at the end of it all, we will be judged by our role in history. Let me believe in the coming days through the strength of our union  and God's hands, we will reach a point of understanding with government and solve the problems confronting our sector for the benefit of all of us. 

Let me conclude by once again thanking the Think Tank,  veterans,  CNO,  NEC and Chapter Congresses for standing firm and ensuring we remain focused in our struggles.


Long live Asup. 

Usman Y. Dutse

President,  ASUP

Source: ASUP Online


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